Top 5 office chairs under $300

You should choose the right chair if you spend most of the time in a chair during the day. The office chair should be comfortable and it should conform to the curvature of the spine. If you take steps to avoid the poor posture, you will not suffer from back pain. Reputed companies will spend on research to develop ergonomic chairs. These chairs offer a superior level of comfort and you can make the most of your investment.

1. Genesis Large Executive Office Chair

Genesis Large executive office chair is meant to deliver great looks and performance. You should want to go through the features provided by reviewers to understand the true value of the chair. The chair comes with 5-point base which is durable and it has a great design. There will be great mobility with dual wheels. You will be able to move the chair on the floor as well as on carpet.
The height of the chair can be adjusted as per your needs. There will be additional lumbar support with the height adjustment facility. If you are suffering from lower back, it can be overcome with the help of Genesis large executive office chair. If you maintain the back posture, you can speed up the recovery from the back injury. There will not be any gap between the back and the chair when you lean on the chair. The additional cushioning provided in the lower back will provide support to the back. The headrest provides additional support so that you will have great relaxation. The chair helps in increasing the blood circulation in legs and there will be decrease in pressure on spine.

Salient features

  • Durable and sturdy chair
  • Simple assembly
  • Comes with great reclining capability
  • Secured stitching

2.  AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

If you are suffering from bad back pain, you should go for  AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair. There are number of adjustments to enhance the comfort level. The butterfly steel plate will help you deliver great relief from back pain. The chair should be aligned properly. If the alignment is correct, you will not suffer from back pain.

AmazonBasics offers many alternatives to settle for the best office chair under $300. The product can be ordered online. It will be delivered at your doorsteps upon the confirmation of the order. Herniated disc, sciatica and many issues can be overcome with the help of AmazonBasics. The chair allows 360-degree swivel and it is the best option for multitasking. The chair can be rolled very easily with the help of the durable nylon casters. It will help you move in the office very easily. AmazonBasics offers wide range of office chairs. You can go for an ergonomic office chair which is upholstered with black leather. Leather seats and back are ideal during winter season so that the heat transfer will be neutral. The level of assembly, warranty and pneumatic seat height adjustment will help you make the most of your investment.

Salient features

  • Affordable option under $100
  • Allows easy movement in the office
  • Quality arm rest
  • Can be assembled very easily by following the instructions

3. Black Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk

The midback task chair can be termed as an inexpensive chair so that you can go for a high quality chair below $300 very easily. The chair is made with heavy duty metal base. It can withstand heavy abuse and you will be able to use for many years without any issues. The back pain will be prevented with the help of the ergonomically designed chair.

It is made with quality material. No cheap parts are used for the assembly of the chair. You can take advantage of the great support provided on the back of legs. The body will be aligned to the back and there will be great satisfaction. If you manage an office where there is great space constraint, you can deploy the ergonomic mesh computer chair without any issues. The chair provides support to the spine. It will deliver minimal look and maximum performance. The chair might produce little noise when you lean back. However, it can be tolerated very easily as long as it serves the purpose. If you go through the assembly instructions, the chair can be setup very easily.

Salient features

  • Breathable mesh back
  • Affordable chair
  • People of all ages can use the chair
  • Quality materials

4. Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair

You can choose mesh chairs so that the breathability is very much enhanced. The chair will help you sit for long hours and you can maintain the back in good shape. The cool and breathable mesh back will let you make the most of your investment.
The back angle can be adjusted relative to the seat. You can take advantage of the adjustable tilt as well as forward tilt. There are number of locking positions and you will float in air by making adjustments as per your needs. The pressure on legs will be relieved with the help of premium fabric upholstery. The width and height of arms can be adjusted as per your needs. The pads are made with polyurethane. The casters provide easy mobility. The back angle adjustment, forward tilt and adjustable tilt will let you make the most of your investment. The chair is highly recommended for executives. The additional features present in the chair include asynchronous control, tilt tension, tilt lock, and seat guide mechanism. The dimensions of the chair are 28.4 x 25.2 x 16.5 inches. The weight of the chair is 57.2 pounds. You can raise or lower the back of the chair independently.

Salient features

  • The back angle adjustment
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Premium fabric upholstery
  • Relief from pressure in legs through the waterfall edge
  • High back 24”

5. Ancheer Ergonomic Office Chair

There will a great relaxation with the Ancheer ergonomic office chair. The chair has black mesh and adjustable lumbar support. The swivel computer chair is ideal for home office and conference room as well. The BIMFA Certified product will be delivered at your doorsteps if you place an order on the website.
You can overcome backache with the help of the high-quality chair. The breathability is very much enhanced with the mesh chair. The strain on intervertebral discs will be removed in a very efficient manner. The chair offers 135 degrees leaning back and you can position your back at 90 degrees as well so that no postural issues will arise. The dimensions of the chair are 19.89” x 16.77” x 17.36”. The weight of the chair is 17 kg. There are 5 wheels attached to the base. The armrest and chair height can be adjusted as per your needs. The chair is made with three different kinds of materials which include metal, plastic and mesh. You can go for either red or black as per the theme of the office. The manufacturer offers 5 year warranty on parts. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the chair, you can get back your money by returning the chair in 30 days.

Salient features

  • Unique breathable Pellicle suspension
  • Adjustable desk ergonomic chair
  • Exceptional back support

Tips to purchase ergonomic chair

The best office chair under $300 should have the following advantages:

  • Recline adjustment – The chair should have recline adjustment. If you can sit at 135 degrees, there will not be back pain. The spine will not be compressed. Even though you sit for long period of time, there will be great satisfaction.
  • Adjustable armrest – The chair should have an adjustable armrest. The lower arms should be parallel the floor. You should be able to support your lower arms upon the armrest so that there will be a great convenience. It will help you in avoiding the muscle strain as well.
  • Lumbar support – If you are suffering from back pain, lumbar support should be provided. The lumbar support should be adjusted as per your needs.

Selection of best office chair To choose the best chair under $300, you should complete research on available products in the market. The requirements vary from one person to another person. Some chairs are suitable for short people while others are meant for long personalities. You are advised to invest in a quality chair so that you will not suffer from back pain. As you go through the features, you can notice measures incorporated to safeguard the back. There should be firm support on the back. The back of the chair should be adjusted to the shape of the spine so that there will be great satisfaction. If you are someone who sits on the chair all the day, additional precautions should be taken so that you will settle for the best chair. By adjusting the back support, armrest and headrest, there will be great satisfaction. In addition to the comfort, the chair should withstand your body weight as well. Lightweight chairs can be moved from one location to another location very easily. However, they might fail to bear heavy personalities. Hence, you should go through the description, features and benefits of the chair before placing an online order.

Best office chairs

There are best office chairs which can be used for home or office as per your needs. You can go for a chair which can be used for gaming as well. The comfort-enhancing features are present in office chairs deployed by reputed brands. The chair should roll on the floor or carpet very easily so that you will save time and there will be great convenience as well. Natural ventilation is provided in ergonomic chairs designed by professionals. Reputed brands focus on delivering value for money furniture. New techniques are implemented to prepare an affordable and durable chair as per your needs. Your long days at office will not break your back and you will increase the productivity at office or home by installing the best chair. There are number of reasons to go through the information on best-selling chairs on Amazon and other reputed portals. You will find out the rating provided by the customer. The opinion expressed by the expert is available in reviews. You can make an informed decision to buy the best office chair under $300. Maintenance of the chair The best chair under $300 should be maintained on regular basis. You should be able to install the chair very easily. The chair size should match your body’s measurements. Hence, before ordering a chair on the website, you should take your physical measurements. You should make not of your requirements as well so that you can search for the product very easily. By applying various filters, affordable and durable chairs on the portal can be filtered. You should be able to install and uninstall the chair as per your needs. The Amazon rating will help you figure out the best chair in terms of maintenance and durability as well. The brand should provide great support to the customer. If there are broken parts, you should have access to spare parts. The chair comes with adjustable back, adjustable arms, casters and price.


There are many chairs in the market which are termed as ‘ergonomic’. However, you should go through the features to figure out the best chair as per your needs. If you are targeting the best chair under $300, you can go through the top 5 chairs presented above so that you will settle for the best without any issues. The chair that works for your body type should be chosen. The support at the back and spine should be firm so that you will be able to work in a very efficient way. It is possible to choose the best office chair as per the task that you will perform with the chair. Some chairs are meant for multitasking as well. Fully adjustable chairs will give you great comfort so that there will be great improvement in productivity.